Believe and we become. We seek to believe the opportunities to accomplish those dreams that we see every day. We prepare our chart, devise our deliberate strategy, set our elusive goals and begin to get started. We decide to remain on the verge of doing all vigorous moves that will lead us to our desired target. We make up our mind to withstand the chronic pain, to absorb the mental sufferings and to stay against all odds and evens till we seize our success flags.


What do we do in reality?

But how many of us really do so? The answer is very few. Very few of us actually toil to finish the task, the way we have formulated it. We, generally, back off when it comes to take a unusual step. The step which is the turning point of our life. The step that holds the destiny of our future. Why do we even complacent to take the needed risk in order to reach our ultimate goals. The risk that can bring the best out of us and accelerate our potential to hit the summit of the mountain. The answer is simple: we sometimes lack self-esteem. Even if we tend to have bigger plans in life, we hardly strive for it. Because we fear. We are scare from the possibilities of not achieving our life goals. This irrational fear arrests us from trying something new, something unaccustomed, something that no one had made before.
what do we do in reality
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What do we should do?

But let me tell you about what will happen if we stop thinking and start acting with the constructive energies of the body. Our good and positive vibes will start to build up and demolish all the barriers and obstacles of our path. The mere determination and perseverance will ride us through the journey to our destination and the ladder of success will eventually follow us. Finally, we will win over our pervasive dismay and hit the target we opt for. However, you can made all of this possible by believing in yourself.
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How will it change you to better version of yourself?

When you start believing in yourself, you start to work on the idea. You come up with different ways to tackle the challenges and choose the optimum solution. It does not matter how foremost and reliable your ideas seem to be to others, what matter is how much efforts you make for your ardent desires. You are not here to break the records of people, to compete for the awards and medals or to win the rat race. You are born to mold yourself into a better person every single day by endeavoring with your ‘BEST’ effort.
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What will you gain?

We are the future of our country. We are the risk takers for our life. We are here to perform experiments with our exclusive knowledge and comprehend our own potentials. It may be possible that not every idea is worth sharing but without implementing it in practical manner how will you ever quantify whether it is valuable or not. You may not taste success in every attempt you make. But every effort you put will push you near to the possibilities of turning your dreams into reality. It’s not about winning or losing. It’s is all about giving it a shot because it’s a marathon; not a sprint. You need to hold up tighter till you earn your pursuit of happiness.


What made Mark Zuckerberg a winner?

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook (a billion-dollar company), in his sophomore year (at his 20), dropped out from Harvard University to work on his project. He had not predicted his future but he was self-determined. He strongly believed in himself and was willing to gear up all his strength for the dreams he wanted to perceive. Although, he didn’t gain all the success at once, he remained focus on his purpose. He might have failed many times before he actually founded Facebook and became the youngest billionaire in the world. But what keeps him going is his firm believe and faith in himself.
Mark Zuckerberg
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Start believing Now!

If you have a strong believe in yourself, no power in the entire world can block to achieve your goals. If you think you can do it, you definitely can. Now, it’s your time to give it a whirl. Give yourself free reins, roll up your sleeves and be ready to take risk and shift into high gears. You will eventually make a breakthrough and cross path with triumph.
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