one step to believe in yourself
Believe and we become. We seek to believe the opportunities to accomplish those dreams that we see every day. We prepare our chart, devise our deliberate strategy, set our elusive goals and begin to get started. We decide to remain on the verge of doing all vigorous moves that will lead us to our desired target. We make up our mind to withstand the chronic pain, to absorb the mental sufferings and to stay against all odds and evens till we seize our success flags.


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The economic impact of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic in India has been largely disruptive

Economy during COVID 19


It was a pleasant day and I was out with my friend. We got pizza, subway sandwiches and drove around with loud music in her car. Half an hour through the outing, my friend and I both got a call from home and were asked to come back home immediately. Corona virus had hit our city too, and of course, our parents were worried. My friend drove us back home safely and the next thing we knew was that the government declared a nationwide lock down for 21 days. When the 21 days period was about to end, our prime minister Shri Narendra Modi announced that the lock down was further extended, and this went on for approximately more than 2 months. It is the time of a pandemic, COVID-19 also known as corona virus. COVID-19 originated from China, the country that is known for its highest population followed by India and then the United States. This pandemic has hit 210-215 countries around the globe because of which the economy of these countries is in jeopardy. India has already gone through 4 phases of quarantining but the virus spread is still out of control and the numbers of cases rise every day. People are dying while on the other hand, the country’s economy is depreciating.


Conference call : 10 Things People Do During Conference Calls

one step for beginner to know about things that we can do on call.

Conference call : 10 Things People Do During Conference Calls

Accomplishing Other Work

Nobody was shocked by this one. One of the huge favorable circumstances to a telephone call is the chance to perform various tasks at conference call. Right around 66% of individuals said they accomplish other work while on a phone call.

While we acclaim the multitasks and overachievers, it can likewise be hazardous to turn out to be so occupied with other work that the telephone call gets insufficient.

Professional Tip: If you can’t stay aware of the discussion on the phone call, there’s no should be on it. Ensure your call is the #1 need.

doing other work
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Lockdown : How to maintain yourself in Lockdown

Lockdown: How to maintain yourself in Lockdown


Stay at home in Lockdown Period

Cutoff your out-of-home movement to the clinical mind and don’t go into school or work during the covid-19 lockdown period. You ought to likewise maintain a strategic distance from open transportation, ride-sharing, and taxicabs. On the off chance that you need staple goods, have a go at utilizing a feast or basic food item. Conveyance administration where your food can be drop off right outside your entryway.
stay at home while quarantine and maintain distance.
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