What is TensorFlow? A brief for Beginners.

one step for beginner to know about tensorflow

Tensor-Flow is a machine learning system that operates at large scale and in heterogeneous environments. TensorFlow uses dataflow graphs to represent computation, shared state, and the operations that mutate that state. It maps the nodes of a dataflow graph across many machines in a cluster, and within a machine across many computational devices, including multicore CPUs, general-purpose GPUs, and custom-designed ASICs known as Tensor Processing Units (TPUs). Continue reading “What is TensorFlow? A brief for Beginners.”

Black Shark’s Specs, Prices and features.

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  • Snapdragon 855 Processor and Liquid Cooling
  • Stand and Gamepad Controls Offer
  • The Cost Will Surprise You

You May Hear or Maybe You Are Using a Gaming Laptop or Phone. If You Are Really Crazy About Games Then Here Is a Surprise for You from a Black Shark. Recently Black Shark Covers Up Their New Phone Black Shark 2 from the Black Shark Series. It Is the Same as Like Black Shark a Gaming Phone. but as I Mentioned Above in Highlights It Cost Surprise You.

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12 amazing gadgets flying off the shelves

From the start of the human era we are always innovating new things to make life easier. Many small inventions of past time came as a big change in the present. Lets take the example of the wheel. Everyone is familiar with the history of wheel and how it was invented incidentally. Years ago invention ideas like telephones are used in present for modern gadget and surely be used in the future. So a small list of necessary inventions and the modified amazing gadget is presenting here that will surely change your lifestyle. So here we start :

1. Myo Armband

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