Facebook’s Privacy-Focused Vision for Social Networking


1) Privacy with peoples, groups, and pages.

Facebook knows the advancement of messaging applications and websites. As many of the business platforms are growing nowadays through Facebook.  So Facebook decided to make a platform of the businesses private so that they can easily do their job through Facebook without fear of data sharing.

Now Facebook wanted to make all its public sharing as well as private sharing easier, faster and safer to interact privately with friends groups and business.

2) Encryption of almost all important things for better privacy.

Facebook CEO  ZUKERBERG SAYS: “People expect their private communications to secure and to only seen by peoples who are texting end to end. They didn’t want any hacker to interfere or read their private conversation.

Many messaging applications like whats app and hike added this feature by adding encryption of the messages.

So Facebook plans to make their system encrypt nearly in the future. The present problem with this technology is that it cant be able to stop bad actors.  Bad actors use encrypted data this is difficult but not impossible to do for an experienced hacker.

Facebook wouldn’t come with this encryption technology until they can be able to solve the problem of this kind of bad actors.


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3) Disappearing of the past posts.

Many times we wanted to see our old posts on Facebook but sometimes it is embarrassing for us. No want that their 10-year-old post would be seen by their partner or boss or colleague. Yeah, it’s embarrassing because we didn’t know at that time firstly, how to click pics. Secondly, what to post due to this we did many silly and unmatured things on Facebook at that time.

So Facebook considers all these things and decided to solve this problem by adding disappear option on Facebook. It means your post will be disappeared after months or years.

But instead of deleting it completely from Facebook they decided to add an additional option of hiding. You may also be able to set for how many time your post will be shown publically.

4) Universal working of the app

Zuckerberg wants all social media platform to work together. He concluded some parts of how peoples get benefited from the collaboration of applications.

Assume if Instagram and Facebook were work separately and run by different companies then we have lack of facilities that we have now like easy login, promotion of brands and many more. If we see benefits when both application work together it includes:

i) you can log in to your Instagram account using Facebook.

ii)you can share posts both on Instagram and Facebook at the same time.

iii)you can promote your post easily just by paying the amount directly through Facebook.

5)Secure Data Storage

People want to know their data is stored securely in places they trust. Looking at the future of the internet and privacy, I believe one of the most important decisions we’ll make is where we’ll build data centers and store people’s sensitive data.
There’s an important difference between providing a service in a country and storing people’s data there. We’ve chosen not to build data centers in countries that have a track record of violating human rights. It includes privacy or freedom of expression. If we build data centers and store sensitive data in these countries, rather than just caching non-sensitive data. It could make it easier for those governments to take people’s information.
Upholding this principle may mean that our services will get blocked in some countries, or that we won’t be able to enter others anytime soon. That’s a tradeoff we’re willing to make. We do not believe storing people’s data in some countries is a secure enough foundation to build such important internet infrastructure.

Of course, the best way to protect the most sensitive data is not to store it at all. Which is why WhatsApp doesn’t store any encryption keys and we plan to do the same with our other services going forward.
But storing data in more countries also establishes a precedent that emboldens other governments to seek greater access to their citizen’s data. Due to this there raises in weakens privacy and security protections for people around the world. I think it’s important for the future of the internet and privacy that our industry continues to hold firm against storing people’s data in places where it won’t be secure.

Source: Facebook


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