Friendship: A story of one sided friendship

A friendship that is not real.
Asking all fake friends?
People who don’t value good friends?
Do you even know, What is friendship?

You think Friendship is a joke.
You are here to use your friend and taking all the advantages?

Why this fake friendship ?

Why your friend is with you, caring for you, fighting for you, trusting you, loving you, thinking for you?
Your friend is doing all this, so you can leave one day and break his heart?
He is making all the effort, So you can hurt him?
I have seen people, Who try their best, put their hundred percent and they don’t even get a single percent in return?
Ever thought, What will happen Afterwards?
Your friend will never be able to trust anyone and even afraid deep inside.
He made Your friend, He trusts you and what are you doing?
Breaking his trust!
If You don’t like his friendship and don’t want to be his friend  then don’t give false hopes at least.

Fake friends

A good friendship is a blessing.
(Agr tumhari aukat nhi hai friendship nibhane ki n Saath dene ki toh friendship mth kro saaf mna krdo, galat hopes dekar hurt kyu kar rhe ho)
Did he do something wrong with you?
Why You are punishing him?
Because he is always with you and making every effort, helping you and trusted you, So this is what you are going to give him in return?
In Today’s generation, You can’t trust anyone and if he is trusting you, What you are making him realize that please don’t trust and be selfish, The World is not for good people?

Hard to trust ?

Who has done no fault rather than believing you?
Nowadays, many people don’t trust because they are afraid, Because of a single person they don’t believe that a good person does exist.
They take time to trust and in this process, they even lose good people too.
This is all because of you people.
(Aghr tum acche nhi ho toh atleast bure toh na bno yrr)


Please don’t take advantage of good friends, You are going to regret one day that you lose diamonds in your life.
Stop hurting and using innocent and pure souls.

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