Tongue – Spoon trick to find out health problems you have.

We all are familiar with a well-known quote i.e., “The first wealth is health”. So it’s important to check your health regularly because there are many diseases that take time to show up. Not everyone has their personal doctor who checks their health regularly. So this time I come up with a Tongue – Spoon trick to let you know about your inner diseases:

Steps of Tongue-Spoon trick:

First of all, clean your mouth deeply and do not eat or drink anything for a few hours. We are doing this procedure step before the actual steps because our mouth should be free from any type of external agent so that we got better results.

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1) Take a spoon and rub its base over the entire surface of the tongue.
2) Kept it there for a few minutes so that it make spoon wet with saliva.
3) Put the spoon in a plastic bag and avoid touching of spoon base.


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1). Indication Of Perfect Health:

If you find no stains or no unpleasant odor in the spoon, then your internal organs are in perfect health.

2).In Case of odor:

If you are getting an unpleasant odor. This smell is much worse than your bad breath. Then this odor could be the sign that shows you have any problem in the lungs. There might be cases of lungs infection.


Same as if it smells like ammonia this smell is strong and have pungent odor then its an indication of some kidney ailment

If after a minute you are getting a fruity odor from a spoon then you might be suffering from diabetes.


3).In Case Of Tongue Stains On the spoons:

Purple stain shows the indication that you have a problem related to blood circulation and high blood pressure.

This stain is purple in color due to high oxygen in the blood this may cause because bronchi to reduce airwaves for oxygen circulation.

If your spoon has no unpleasant odor it turns yellow in color then this is a sign of dysfunction of the thyroid gland.

These stains will have a thick coating. this stain is yellow because the conversation of beta carotene to Vitamin A depends on the thyroid hormone the deficiency can manifest a yellowish build up of carotin.

If you are suffering from kidney diseases then it turns to spoon yellow because chronic kidney diseases can cause mouth tissue to turn pale due to anemia or orange due to carotin like deposits.

Color change into white is an indication of having some type of infection in the body that might be due to any internal or external agent.

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